3 Ways to Create Inspired Photography

Whether you have a camera, a polaroid, or an iPhone, photoshoots are a great way to get creative, spend time with friends, and have fun. By using everyday items and thinking outside the box, you can create memories and works of art out of the ordinary and mundane.

  1. 1. Tap Into Nature

    The gifts Mother Nature leaves us can be used to create beautiful photos. Fields of flowers, patches of leaves, and rays of sunlight can be used to create stunning images, as many photographers have discovered. Traveling to different locations can be fun and exciting, as can walking to a nearby park or even exploring your own backyard. Just remember to clean up after you've finished your photoshoot and to keep our planet healthy!

  2. 2. Utilize Everyday Materials 

    Anthony Tran

    Sometimes, simplicity is a real beauty. A lovely photoshoot can be conducted right under your own roof. You could use anything as a potential prop to add to your photoshoot, such as mirrors, mason jars, Christmas lights, houseplants, or even food. You could create an edgy vibe by having your subject sit in front of the headlights of your car or you could use the reflections in glass to play with symmetry and lines. Portray your subject’s passion through their belongings. Art supplies, favorite books, instruments, or old photographs can say a lot about a person, and it can all be said through one picture.  

  3. 3. Take on Challenges 

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    Through the internet and social media, many have shared photography challenges. Some have portrayed stories through photography or attempted to recreate scenes from films or books. A popular challenge, known as the Hobby Lobby Challenge, includes traveling to different stores to create a photoshoot. Traveling to other locations, such as train stations, arcades, bowling alleys, or ice skating rinks can also challenge you to get creative with your environment. There are many "challenges" to choose from, and a little research or digging into others’ creations can help to inspire you. 

Thinking outside the box is a great way to create amazing photos. Smearing paint on your subject's face, sticking tissue paper to your lens to filter light, or even distorting an image can transform reality into something fantastical that you can carry with you forever. Who knows? Maybe your work will inspire someone else.