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3 Misconceptions Surrounding Tarot Cards

Recently, I started getting back into reading tarot cards. Reading tarot cards includes the questioner supplying a slightly specific question that they want answered, and the diviner (me, in this situation) laying out the cards and discerning meanings from the type of cards and the positions they’re in. I had never put too much belief in the truth of tarot cards until this past week, and I know that a lot of people don’t see any truth in them either. I’m going to go through what I think are a few reasons for the skepticism and try to reason them out.

They’re just cards

Yes, they are just cards, but they’re cards that hold energies and vibrations, which is especially important when the questioner shuffles the deck themselves.

The meanings are arbitrary

They may seem that way. I know that many cards have so many different possible meanings, but tarot cards are not supposed to be extremely specific, they are meant to give a broader overview of a problem or question, and possibly give some clarity.

My reading was wrong, so it doesn’t work

Yeah, that happens. If your question wasn’t focused, or you weren’t sure of what you were asking, the cards can get confused and give a wrong reading. Usually, if the reading is all over the place, or sounds impossible, it might be worth your while to try again. Also, if you’re expecting a play-by-play of your future, this is not the technique for you.

Now, these are just a few myths surrounding tarot cards, but I think that it’s very useful to talk about them. A lot of people are extremely unsure and skeptical of using different methods to predict the future even though people have been predicting the future for centuries. It’s honestly a lot of fun, and if you don’t want to take the reading seriously, there’s nothing wrong with that. Do whatever you want to make you feel secure in your future.

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