3 Easy Steps to Combat Senioritis

Senior year is finally here and I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. I've been waiting for this moment since my first year at Susquehanna University. Looking back I remember how important it was for me to stay focused in my academics, getting involved in extra curricular activities, and managing all the other extra stuff. I figured if I do all the hard work early on, I can have a stress free senior year. WRONG! To be honest, even though I'm taking fewer classes, the workload is still heavy. With it only being week three of the school year, my drive for finishing my assignments ahead of time, engaging in clubs, and taking care of myself has deteriorated. I believed I was the only one feeling this way, but after speaking with friends in my position, I've realized that it's actually Senioritis--a supposed illness that occurs during the senior year of college where a student feels like their motivation to do work has declined. Thankfully, I found 3 easy ways to slowly, but surely ease the Senioritis out of my system!


1. Take things one day at a time

You may feel pressure to finish out the year strong, but right now you can't manage to get around one assignment. Don't sweat it! Take deep breaths and tell yourself that you can do it. If you need that extra push, try writing or reading inspiration quotes for yourself every day. 

2. Create a to-do list and mark things off as you go

I know that writing out a to-do list for the day actually forces me to want to complete certain tasks before the end of the day. Think of it as a deadline, and if you don't get it done beforehand, that will only make you feel less accomplished. So, try it out because it works for me!

3. Have fun and cherish your last year of undergrad

Don't think of your senior year as another academic year full of exams and group projects. Cherish every moment because when will you ever get to live on a campus with other people your age, get to meet up with your friends for dinner, and have summer and winter breaks? Probably never again, so make it count.