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14 Signs The Semester Is Almost Over

The spring semester slump is upon us and the fear of finals is officially settling in. Every single person on campus is up to their eyeballs in unfinished assignments and half-studied-for tests. The next two weeks look grim and the only saving grace is the 3 months of solitude and homecooked meals that are right around the corner.

Each of us is counting down til our last day of the semester and we all know it. If the never-dying aura of panic on campus wasn’t enough to tell you the semester is almost over, here are 14 more signs we’re almost done.

1. Your internal monologue is all screaming and crying

You can’t even think normal thoughts anymore.

2. You really want your mom

You may have just seen her last weekend and there’s nothing she can actually do to help, but you know she’ll make things better anyway.

3. The only numbers you can remember are the grades you need for your exams

Let’s be honest. We’re beyond the point of desperation. We just need to pass the class.

4. You’d kill a man for a good snack

At this point your bank account is in as much trouble as your GPA, you already ate everything your mom sent you back from spring break with and you’re actually starving.

5. You keep scrolling Insta to see your friends from home

You absolutely can’t wait for all the crazy shenanigans that will unfold the second everyone’s back together.

6. You’re worried about the sheer amount of coffee you’ve consumed

If you woke up tomorrow and you were literally a coffee bean, you wouldn’t even be surprised.

7. You keep forgetting to eat meals

You’ve lost count of the days in a row you’ve eaten only one meal and it was after 8 pm.

8. You’ve considered moving into the library

The mattress will fit under the table in the study room, right?

9. You’ve written so many papers you’re certain your fingers are 300 words from falling off

You don’t even know how much more you can type.

10. All you can think about is your mom’s cooking

It’s already been way too long since your last good meal.

11. You keep crying for what seems like no reason at all

You’re so used to the feeling of stress that you don’t notice it anymore, but it’s still very obviously getting the best of you.

12. The only thing you want are cuddles from your dog

He’s the only one who truly understands you.

13. All you want is a good nap

The sleep deprivation is real.

14. You’d rather do literally anything other than another second of homework

But on the bright side you know it’s almost over!

The journey to where I want to be includes writing a lot of words and eating a lot of fries. 
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