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Everyone loves themselves in different ways. For me, I treat myself after a long day by simply pressing shuffle on my Spotify library. There is nothing more relaxing to me than laying down and listening to my favorite music at the end of the day! Here are a few songs on my current playlist. P.S.: Click the song title to have a listen!


New – Daya

Capital Letters – Hailee Steinfeld

Say Something – Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton

       Who doesn’t love a little Justin Timberlake?? His new album is so unique and I just can’t stop listening!

Small Doses – Bebe Rexha

Gorgeous – Taylor Swift

       Out of all of Taylor’s singles from her latest album, reputation, I feel like this one was the most overlooked. Undoubtedly my favorite song on the album, Gorgeous has been on all my playlists since the day it came out, and I don’t think it’ll be going anywhere for a while! 

Seeing Blind – Niall Horan

       Niall is my OG. I’m a One Direction stan for life, but his solo music is almost just as good! 

My My My! – Troye Sivan

A Different Way – DJ Snake, Lauv

Never Be the Same – Camila Cabello

      Honestly, the only reason I liked Camila when she was in Fifth Harmony is because she made a heart at me when I saw them in concert a few years ago. It wasn’t until she went solo            that I started to appreciate her voice more. This song in particular really makes me feel some type of way!

I Fall Apart – Post Malone

Want You Back – 5 Seconds of Summer

        I’ve seen 5SOS three times in concert thanks to One Direction. That’s because they opened for 1D’s Take Me Home and Where We Are Tours, if you didn’t know what I meant there. If you asked me in 2013 who my celeb crush was, it would say Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer. Now and then I listen to their music as mega throwbacks, but they finally have a new tune out that is much more mature than their old songs. You’ll want to have a listen to this one!

All in all, these songs are my go-to’s when I am feeling stressed or just had a long day. I also really love listening to podcasts, but we can save that for another day… Enjoy and suggest me some more songs by tweeting @HCSusquehanna!


Jersey girl who loves The Bachelor, burritos, boybands, and basically anything basic. Member of the Class of 2020 at Susquehanna University studying Stretigic Communications: Advertising and Marketing and Art History.
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