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Your Top 5 Transition Pieces for Spring

Spring can be such a difficult time to dress for. You finally don’t have to bundle up, but it’s not quite warm enough yet to rock just a dress or shorts. With the chilly mornings and warm, sunny afternoons, Spring calls for some serious layering and there are a few key pieces essential to your spring wardrobe.


1.) Don’t get rid of your sweaters yet!!


While you’d think this might be the first to go, sweaters can provide enough warmth to avoid having to bring a coat in the morning. You might be a little chilly in the morning and a little warm in the afternoon, but you can look super cute and not have to lug around that big coat. Whether you pair it with jeans or shorts, there are so many looks you can create for a between-seasons outfit.



2.) Rock your boots!!


Boots aren’t limited to the winter, especially when you consider the rain the comes with spring. Pull out the Chelsea or Combat boots, pair them with a dress, and you have a perfect outfit for almost any occasion!




3.) Scarves are Accessory God’s gift of warmth.


A spring classic? The scarf. It’s great for layering, accessorizing, and doubling as a blanket for when the breeze gets a little chilly.





4. ) Jean Jackets are a blessing after that huge winter coat you’ve been drowning in since November.


Another classic! Jean jackets are the perfect piece for those chilly spring days. They’re light, but protect against the wind. Even better, they look adorable! You can wear them with pretty much anything. Hey, even denim on denim is a trend right now!





5.) The Most underestimated look, TIGHTS!


I know you’re itching to break out your dresses, skirts, and shorts even if it’s not *quite* warm enough. The perfect and fashionable solution to this problem is tights! While they’re typically worn with a dress or skirt, don’t be afraid to pair them with shorts for a cute and trendy new look!




Your favorite spring looks are endless with these transitional pieces. Just be prepared for the occasional rainy day!! Any look can look cute with an umbrella! Happy Spring!

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