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Your Sign’s Guide to Sagittarius Season

As much as I’m sure we all enjoyed all the glamour and power of Scorpio season, the emotional intensity can be a lot to handle after a while. Despite everything that draws us into the darkness, this season is extremely draining and it’s about time we moved on. When Sagittarius season arrived on Nov. 22, there was a complete 180. We went from trying to control everything to relaxing and it is truly a breath of fresh air. From now until Dec. 22, when we enter Capricorn Season, it is your time to have fun and enjoy the life you’re leading. For the next month you’ll have a much more optimistic outlook on life. It’s time to start saying “I can do it” rather than your normal negative declarations. Read below to find out how your specific Zodiac sign’s Sagittarius season will play out! 


First off, congrats on surviving Scorpio season. I know that was a difficult feat to accomplish, but now that you’re here: Happy Birthday! This birthday season is all about growth and reinvention. It is your time to shine; so, own it. Channel your inner ambition as new things developed this month will be sure to last long-term. If you’ve dreamt of something, now is the perfect time to go after it. You are going to thrive this season, so enjoy it while it lasts. 


Buckle up Capricorns; Your past is about to come back around. Whether it be an ex-friend or ex-partner or a previous project, it will be making an appearance this season. Remember to remind yourself why this person or thing is in your past and use it to reflect on your present self. Look inward during this season to remain optimistic of what’s to come. Once you make it through Sagittarius season it will be your birthday, so spend this month focusing on your individual needs. 


This is the month for friendships; good and bad. Normally you are the most supportive rockstar to all those around you, but this month it is reversed. All your true friends will stand by your side, rooting you on now more than ever. It will be the month that you discover who your real friends are, and all others will be kicked to the curb. It is the perfect time to expand your inner circle since it will be easy for you to notice everyone’s true intentions. Use your judgment and trust your gut; it will not lead you astray this Sagittarius season. 


This season is going to be a long and draining one, yet if you play your cards right there will be immense rewards at the end. All eyes are on you, and not in a good way. Those watching are paying close attention to your flaws and any mistakes you make; be cautious. It is time to channel your ‘fake it ‘till you make it’ mantra and go with the flow. There is a lot of pressure on you to be this perfect this month. With others taking notice, you need to be on your best behavior. Even if you’re struggling, put on a smile and pretend to be bold, stellar and confident. Just hang in tight and the month will soon be over.  


It’s time to start learning something new in preparation for the new year. 2023 is going to be your year, but it will require a bit of work from you. Spend this month learning a new talent, finding a hobby or traveling somewhere new. Any new experiences or lessons will certainly be beneficial in the new year. You will spend 2023 reinventing yourself to become a bigger, better version of the already fabulous person you are. Use Sagittarius season wisely to make the transition into the new year smooth. 


As a Taurus, you probably despise change more than anyone else you know. Well, this season be prepared for many changes; whether big or small. It’s time to put yourself first and shed your life of anything that doesn’t provide value. You need to get ready for new beginnings as you head into the new year by dropping those with poor intentions to make room for people who love and care about you. Dive deep this month and focus on the hidden meanings behind your actions and feelings. 


It is officially cuffing season in the eye of Geminis. All your platonic, romantic and professional relationships are about to get a boost, so lean into it. Don’t push these feelings away as they will only come back to haunt you. Spend time with those you care about most and your connection will only grow stronger. However, it’s important this month to ask for help if you need it. Don’t try to figure it out alone as that will be counterproductive. 


Spend some time this Sagittarius season focusing on self-care and getting rest. You need to put yourself and your needs above those around you. It’s been a difficult few months for you, so now is the time to recover and worry about your innermost thoughts. Getting your shit together now will provide enormous advantages in the new year. Don’t wait—instead, start turning your life around now. Tidy up, do yoga, get a full eight hours of sleep and listen to what your body is saying.  


Leo, your love life is certainly heating up this month. If you’re single, it’s the perfect time for first dates and hooking up. Those Leos in relationships, be sure to try something new with your partner and learn from each other. That curious and creative energy you’re feeling right now is not meant to last so savor every last drop of it. Use your artistic nature to explore your passions and find what truly brings you joy. 


It’s the perfect time to take a break from all your stressors and relax at home. Home life is currently a spotlight for you, so focus on the ones you love right now and their needs. There will be a bit of introspection happening throughout this season diving into your past. Whether your history will appear physically in front of you or just mentally, it’s important to think about why they’re a member of your past and if they deserve to stay back there. Don’t compromise your own needs to pursue a future with something that’s long gone. 


The season of Sagittarius empowers you to test your own limits and become a social butterfly. There is much encouragement from the stars to think about your future and the best pathway to get there. While doing some inner work, you will simultaneously become the life of the party. Every social gathering you’re invited to be sure to attend so you don’t miss out on any opportunities granted. This might be a busy month, Leo, but it will all be worth it in the end. 


After a long, draining birthday season, it’s time to take a backseat and focus on your internal needs. It is the month to re-prioritize your life and sort it all out. You cannot continue in the state you’re in; be sure to fill up your energy tank. Pay attention to what you need in that moment and be sure to satisfy yourself. Taking care of your own wants will play out beautifully for you. Give yourself what it is that will bring you joy no matter the cost; it will be worth it. 

With the stress of finals, holiday season and every other aspect of your life, it’s important to think optimistically. This Sagittarius season, the signs will be focusing a lot on their internal monologues and their needs. Remember to embrace yourself and take the time to rest until we enter Capricorn season on Dec. 22.  

Kayla is a Junior Journalism major at Suffolk University. She was previously a student at Hofstra University where she wrote for both Her Campus Hofstra and the Hofstra Chronicle. She was also assistant copy chief at the Chronicle. She is currently a service intern at Kids in Tech where she runs tech clubs for kids aged 8-14 years old. When not studying or working, she likes to spend her time shopping, writing, and hanging out with her cat!