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Young Royals Season 2: Angst, Character Development, and Love 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

Season 2 of Young Royals came back with all the feels. The main characters Simon (Omar Rudberg) and Wilhelm’s (Edvin Ryding) relationship in the last season was in a fragile and unstable place. It is interesting to see how they move out of that place towards the end of this new temporary ending. A lot of character development happened not only for our main couple but also for Felice and Sarah. We got to see a raw side of the characters that were not so dimensional and not as in-depth last season. 

The trailer reignited my hopes for the new season to bring back the stellar performance, and plot of the show but more intensely with all the emotions. They did that and more for once Wilhelm’s evolution got spotlighted. It was very emotion-inducing seeing him trying to figure out himself and understand his family’s wrongdoings. That struggle of all thought he may not be bad unless he decides to separate from his family. He will never be able to set himself free and that was touching and brought teary eye feelings to viewers. Then Simon’s journey of discovering that he still loves Simon and making a conscious choice to stand up for himself was heartwarming. 

Moving on to the villains of the show for their selfish reasons. Starting with Sarah our lovable girl next door changes drastically to Sydney Sweeney’s performance of “I’ve never been happier” in Euphoria. It was no surprise to see August and Sarah take their relationship to the next level because of how close their interactions were last season. It was sad to see that Sarah was clouded by her love for August this season. There was some hope although not a lot that August would do the right thing by turning himself in for withholding a sex video of two underage people. Instead, he chooses to stick with his greed and ambition, which I’m sure will hurt him more in the next season. 

There was also, a newcomer this time around, Marcus, and although he was not what Simon envisioned for himself. It was nice to see someone that was genuinely a good partner.  Marcus and Felice were genuinely good people and to see them not get the happiest ending was bittersweet. Overall, the cast brought out the qualities that needed to be brought out. So, if you enjoy angst and seeing people’s development, growth, love, and enjoying their youth it is a must-watch show. 

I'm a freshman at Suffolk University majoring in Public Relations(PR). I'm Salvadorian and was born and raised there during my childhood years. Topics and beliefs that interest me are pop culture and also women's rights. That is because the influences that come from the mainstream hold weight in our values and morals but it’s entertaining as well. As for women's rights, I just find it important for one to advocate for oneself and also for other women because we are all in this together.