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Road trips are always associated with the summer but why not make them a winter activity too? Whether your winter road trip includes a cross-country trek to Colorado for skiing or just driving a couple of towns over, here are the best tips to make your winter road trip the most exciting one ever!

As a way to save gas you might want to turn off the heat for awhile so to make sure you stay warm bring hundreds of hand warmers to stay warm and save gas. Also, when conversations get a little stale, toss around a hand warmer for a fun game of hot potato (or hot hand warmer in this case)!

Snacks are the make or break deal of any road trip, so make sure you’re stocked up on sweet, salty and any other kind of snack that will be sure to make everyone in the car happy. Making sure you have tons of snacks for the trip, because nobody wants to deal with a car smelling like McDonald’s.


Even though road tripping in the winter is a fun idea, until it snows. Winter weather makes the roads harder to drive on so make sure you’re extra careful when you drive and be prepared for any kind of car trouble. So when you’re faced with that troubling winter weather, make sure you bring shovels, ice scrapers and extra tires when the snow slows you down! Also make sure somebody in the car knows how to change a tire because nobody wants to wait around in the freezing cold for a tow-truck!


Anyone who has ever been on a roadtrip knows that the one thing that makes any road trip great is a fire playlist! Even if your winter playlist is filled with Christmas songs, fill it up with the newest songs of 2018 to make a long trip feel short!

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