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What’s In Ayla’s Bag?


My best friend and I always joke that our purses more closely resemble Mary Poppin’s bag than just an everyday tote. Give me a toothbrush (which I have had in there at times) and a change of clothes, and I could probably live out of it for days. While most girls tend to alter what they carry around based on the occasion, I am, at almost all times, a walking drugstore. It may seem a bit excessive to some, but I’m never at a loss on a day or night out. It must be the 90’s girl in me…



So without further adieu, the contents of my purse…

Feminine Favorites:

Lip Balm – A day without lip balm, for me, is like a day without water. Whether it’s EOS, Baby Lips (I’m loving their medicated line for winter), or my trusty C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve, I always have one (or more) of these lifesavers with me.

Lip Stain – For unplanned get-togethers or days that unexpectedly turn into nights, lip stain is my go-to. Currently I’ve been carrying around Revlon’s Colorburst™ Matte Balm in a few different shades. The matte finish keeps it modern, and the large crayon application keeps it easy to use. Fun fact: It can also double as a cream blush in a pinch!

Concealer – I tend to carry around two concealers because I am a makeup hoarder. They also serve two different purposes. I have a lighter, creamier formula with wrinkle-fighting properties for under my eyes, and a salicylic acid version that is closer to my skin tone to cover and treat blemishes. You may think I’m crazy but you’ll thank me later.

Powder/Brush – Not only will this help set your concealer, but it can also help combat oily skin. Keep the brush protected from dirt in a makeup bag, or use the one that comes with the powder compact to avoid unwanted breakouts.

Mascara – It’s amazing what a difference mascara can make to anyone’s appearance. Dull, tired eyes are instantly elevated to the bright beauties they were meant to be. While I apply it almost everyday before leaving the house, I like to carry it around in case I need a touch up. Double duty: With a steady hand, you have yourself a liquid eyeliner as well.

Oil-absorbing sheets – While these are an absolute must-have in the summer, I also like to keep them handy in the colder months. Long nights out can lead to a little more than a youthful glow, and these are the perfect solution. Clean & Clear, NYX, and Biore all make great versions.

Mini perfume – I’m the type of girl who likes to smell fresh and flirty throughout the entire day. I am always on the go, and fear that I may end up smelling more like the T than my aroma of choice. Petite versions of your favorite perfumes are great to stock up on for travel and everyday use. My current favorite is Noir Tease, by Victoria’s Secret.

Bobby pins/hair elastics – Its always good to have extras!

Everyday Essentials:

Gum – Every collegiette should have kissable lips, and fresh breath is a part of that. Keep it clean, ladies.

Pen – While smartphones may make this old standby seem obsolete, you never know when you’re gonna need one!

Wallet and keys – Obviously.

Media Maven:

Phone Charger – Whether I’m texting, calling, checking social media, or listening to music, I am on my phone for a good chunk of the day. While it does take up a little more space than I’d like, I almost always carry around my phone charger. If you’re not a fan of this idea but have the same problem, you could try splurging on a rechargeable case.        

Headphones – Like I said, I’m often on the go. Listening to music is a great way to pass the time so I always make sure to carry around a pair of headphones.

Hygiene Helpers:

Hand sanitizer – As if it hasn’t been pounded into your head enough, germs are everywhere. It’s good to be especially careful in the winter when everyone and their mom has the flu or a cold. Bath & Body Works has a 5 for $5 deal on mini hand sanitizers in an assortment of amazing scents like Pink Vanilla Macaron and Fresh Lavender.

Deodorant – If the size of my purse allows it, I like to carry around a travel-sized deodorant. It doesn’t really need more of an explanation than that. Better safe than sorry, girls.


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