What Was Going On When the Jonas Brothers Were Last Together?


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October 29th, 2013 is a day that will live in infamy for every Jonas Brothers fan - the day they officially announced their band would be breaking up. Though it used to be a touchy subject, now that news of their reuniting has arrived, we can look back on it and laugh. In midst of our excitement about their new single "Sucker" and it’s music video, along with talks of a new tour, we can’t help but remember the countless memories that have flooded back of the good old Jo Bros days. It makes us wonder, what was going on in the world the last time the Jonas Brothers were together?!                          

The Harlem Shake was sweeping over the world - Remember this?! This take on a flash mob involved a crowd of people slowly dancing up to the beat drop of this song, and then simultaneously combusting. It looked a little foolish, but you couldn’t go anywhere - basketball games, shopping malls, parties, without the prospect of the Harlem Shake being attempted. Similar dance movements followed in the years after, like the mannequin challenge and the whip and nae nae.


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Vine was in its prime (may she rest in peace) - Ugh, you truly don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Although we were dearly mourning the apparent death of our beloved Jonas Brothers, at least we still had this app to keep us sane. Vine was awarded Social Media Site of the Year in 2013 for it’s shocking popularity surge, bringing well-known viners to internet fame. Little did we know that we’d only have the app for a short 3 years before it’s death in 2016. Although we’d do anything to have it back, we’ll take a Jonas Brothers comeback in the meantime.


Froyo was the hottest desert fad - If you were in middle school or high school during the 2013 time period, you know very well that a frozen yogurt store was the place to be and be seen. We’re still not exactly sure if froyo is technically healthier than ice cream considering all the topping options you could load on, but we must admit it was pretty delicious. The self-serve aspect allowed you to customize your dessert experience like never before. Sadly, a majority of froyo stores that came about during its short-lived popularity are now going out of business.


Miley Cyrus was in full bangerz mode - That’s right, the famous wrecking ball video hit the scene in 2013 too. For the first time, what the world knew as the sweet, innocent, Hannah Montana version of Miley Cyrus was forever tainted with the unveiling of her wild side. Short blonde pixie cut, minimal clothes, and promiscuous behavior was the new Miley. We have to admit, Bangerz had some bangers (haha!), but now that we have old Miley back, we’d like to keep her and forget about this phase she had 6 years ago.


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And last, but certainly not least, in 2013 the Jo Bro purity rings were still a thing. Ah, simpler times.