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The Week After Spring Break Struggle

Waking up for your Monday morning class was a struggle to say the least.


Therefore, coffee was a staple in your diet this week (even more so than usual).


If you went somewhere warm for break, coming back to snow in Boston was not going from wearing your bikini to wearing your winter jacket was like: ideal.


Remember when you said you were going to do all of your work due this weekduring break? Yeah, you didn’t.


Going to class, your professors reminded you there are only six weeks left of school. At first this is exciting, but then you realize how much homework you are going to have to do till then.


You had to force yourself to go back to the library, but when you finally got there you mostly just stared at a black word document.


Getting back into your school routine was really tough. You mean I don’t have time to take to two naps a day anymore?


If you’re a senior, the realization sets in that there is less than two months until you’re expected to be a real adult.


Hang in there, guys! The next six weeks till summer will fly by!!

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