Victorious is back on Netflix & people are now realizing Tori Vega was the worst

Anyone who watched Nickelodeon as a kid knows that Victorious was one of the best shows and now that Netflix has added Victorious for its viewers to stream, people are starting to realize how terrible the lead character, Tori Vega, actually is. From her being the least talented singer on the show to having an overall annoying presence on the show, fans of Victorious are calling out Tori Vega and hyping up the other characters on the show!

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The first thing fans noticed while rewatching the series was the fact that literally EVERYONE on the show is a way better singer than Tori, well, everyone except Trina but that's besides the point. Andre, Cat and Jade were the most talented singers on the show but for some reason they never got any solos or leads in the school musicals? Was she the lead character on the show? Yes. But does that mean she deserved every single role, ESPECIALLY the role of "Steamboat Suzy" which Jade truly deseved?? No! Also, everytime the supporting characters needed help with a performance or help writing a song, Tori automatically became the center of attention and took all of the credit of every song SHE DIDN'T WRITE!!! Image result for tori vega and andre harris

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After rewatching Victorious, fans also noticed how uptight and frustrating Tori was throughout the entire show. All of the other characters were always so fun, laid back and went along with every crazy situation thrown their way, but of couse Tori had to ruin that free-spirited energy that all of the other characters brought to the show. Of course there were times where the Victorious crew needed to be a little more serious in certain situations, Tori always managed to take it to another level of unneccessary seriousness that brought down the fun vibe of the show.

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Now, I'm not saying Tori Vega wasn't talented, because she is! The point me and thousands of fans of the show are trying to point out is the fact that the other characters on the show were way more talented and the writers of the show could've given these secondary characters the spotlight every once in awhile! If they just evened out the screentime between all of the characters a little bit more, maybe fans would've been a little more welcoming to the re-introduction to Tori Vega.