Top 5 Best Suitcases for your Summer Vacation

Everyone loves booking flights, shopping for cute outfits and getting a brand new haircut for a summer vacation, but nobody ever seems to think a lot about the perfect suitcase for said trip. While throwing all your clothes and toiletries into one tiny carry on is more cost-effective, getting a larger, brand-new suitcase is probably the best option for a 2 week European rendezvous. Here are the top 5 suitcases that will fit your budget and make everyone at the airport jealous!

This bright colored, whimiscal suitcase is perfect for any beach getaway! The fun, multicolored popsicles would get anyone excited for a fun summer getaway! Get this suitcase at Kohl's for $129.99!

(Image from: Kohl's)

Looking for something that's cheaper and a little less loud? Then this 24 inch Calpack suitcase from Tj Maxx is perfect for you! In a sleek seafoam color and for only $69.99, this suitcase is the best for anyone looking for a quiet suitcase to match their quiet vacation!

(Image from: Tj Maxx)

If you love all things vintage, then this vintage luggage set is perfect for you! Get it on Amazon for $219.99!

(Image from: Amazon)

Going on a fun Disney trip this summer? Then this Mickey themed suitcase is perfect for you! Get it at Stage Stores for only $74.99!

(Image from: Stage Stores)

If you're not into the "traditional" suitcase shape, this octagonal will make your unique style match your unique luggage! Get this suitcase on Groupon for $179.99!

(Image from: Groupon)