Top 10 Movies Turing 10

2008 was a year of Obama, Ugg boots and iconic Disney Channel shows, but the real pop culture stars of 2008 were the movies. The movies of 2008 seem like they came out just yesterday, all your favorite movies you loved as a kid are turning 10 years old this year! So, to celebrate 2008 cinematography, here are the top 10 best movies turning 10 years old this year!

Starring Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man paved the way for the impending Avengers movie and got Marvel fans hyped for all future Marvel movies. Image result for iron man movie poster

Comedic duo, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, come together to star in one of the funniest movies ever created, Step Brothers.

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If it’s one thing nobody expected to see ever again, it was Harrison Ford reprising his iconic role of Indiana Jones, but 2008 gave us Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

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When people think about pop culture crazes in the late 2000’s, the number book-turned-movie that comes to everyone’s mind is Twilight. It seems like just yesterday we were all fighting over Team Edward or Team Jacob but settling over the fact that Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner were equally gorgeous!

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For horror movie fans, J.J. Abrams production of Cloverfield tells the story of a gigantic monster that takes over New York City bringing death and destruction wherever it went. Image result for cloverfield poster

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button showed us a more sensitive side to Brad Pitt in this drama telling the story of a man who ages in reverse while falling in love with a normal-aging woman throughout his life. Image result for curious case of benjamin button poster


We’ve talked about Marvel movies, but when D.C. came out with The Dark Knight, D.C. fans were beyond thrilled with the live adaption of Batman and loved Heath Ledger’s final performance as the Joker after his death.Image result for the dark knight poster

Pixar’s robotic romance in Wall-E made any cold-hearted person’s heart feel full and warm anytime Wall-E and Eve popped up on the screen. Also, Wall-E was a highly underrated Disney movie and if you haven’t seen it by now you need to because it’s amazing!



Dev Patel’s starring role in the hit movie, Slumdog Millionaire, showed the sheer talent his character, Jamal Malik, possessed by being able to answer every answer correctly on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Slumdog Millionaire not only raised Patel’s fame level but brought awareness to the dangerous slums of Mumbai.

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Seth Rogen and James Franco’s bromance were really brought to the public eye in their hit movie “Pineapple Express”, appealing to not only stoners, but comedy lovers as well. Image result for pineapple express poster