Tips for Surviving Burnout

In a semester where many have no breaks, it feels as if burnout is kicking in even faster than usual. As a senior myself, the mixture of a never-ending load of work and the impending weight of graduation on my shoulders it is extremely hard to maintain motivation, both personally and with school work. Through the thick of this I have found some tools and techniques that help me stay centered, and regain some of the motivation that has been lost through a constant workload. 


1. Take breaks!

A room with books and a candle Photo by Alisa Anton from Unsplash

I used to think that if I took breaks I would simply never go back to the work, but I realized that if I timed my breaks and used them for something I enjoyed that I was able to refocus and be more energized approaching my next section of work. For me I typically spend these breaks playing music, taking a walk, or simply just playing with my cat. Stepping away from my screens for a short time gives me a mental break, and helps avoid the strain that comes with hours of staring at work. 


2. Exercise

woman doing yoga at sunset Photo by kike vega from Unsplash

This is something I have truly taken for granted in such a busy time. I often forget how helpful it is to get moving, even if it is something as simple as taking a walk or playing Just Dance with my roommate. It helps to get my energy up and clear my head making difficult tasks easier to complete. 


3. Self-Care (spa edition!)

happy woman removing a face mask Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Since October I have been an employee at Bath and Body Works, and trust me, I have never owned more body care products. I typically take short showers and don’t give much attention to extra body scrubs, or even aromatherapy products. After working in a store that focuses so much on body care, I have truly started to use more scrubs, face-masks and even filling my room with the scents of candles. I found that taking some time to focus on my physical body helped me to mentally feel refreshed and relaxed.


4. Make a schedule 

planner picture Photo by Alexa Williams from Unsplash

This one goes hand in hand with taking breaks. I typically schedule out time slots to work on certain assignments, and when I will take some time to myself. Setting goals helps me stay focused on what I need to get done because there is an end in sight, and it doesn’t feel like a massive project looming over me. 


5. Take Care of Your Body

assorted variety of vegetables on table Photo by Nadine Primeau from Unsplash

Recently I decided to subscribe to HelloFresh, hoping that it would allow me to actually cook fresh meals instead of ordering out every night or eating frozen meals. It is truly unbelievable how much better my body feels now that I am putting fresh ingredients into it, and how much fun I can have cooking meals that I thought were far too difficult.