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Tips to Stay Warm this Fall

We all know that living in Boston can get very chilly. Knowing you’re about to step outside just to be freezing sure isn’t a motivator to leave your warm, comfy bed in the morning. Here are some tips to stay warm as you’re walking up the Hill to class wondering why you didn’t choose a school in a warmer climate:


1. Warm Socks

The saying that if your feet are cold, your whole body’s cold is SO true. With so many different types of socks to choose from (fuzzy, knit, knee-high) you will be sure to keep your toes from falling off! Also, wearing two pairs is great for wet weather – it keeps your feet dry and you can always take a pair off during the day. (PSA: Target’s $1 holiday socks are back!!!)


2. Scarves

Finding the right scarf can keep you toasty warm! They also serve as great way to protect your neck and face from the wind. Stores like Primark and Marshalls sell them for cheap too, so you can get one to match whatever mood you are feeling that day!


3. Knit Headband

For all the ladies who prefer not to wear a hat. Obsessed with these headbands – keep your ears warm and don’t give you hat head! So cute that you can wear throughout the day too. Check out the cold weather headbands on etsy for some unique options!


4. Layers

Always make sure to layer up because that way you can adapt any temperature you are in. A friend once told me to try wearing two pairs of leggings. I thought she was crazy, but as the saying goes: don’t beat it till’ you try it! I don’t think I would have survived last winter walking around Boston without wearing my two pairs of leggings. Tip: wear a sheer pair under a more durable pair. Forever 21’s sheer leggings don’t have to go to waste!


Stay warm HC readers!!! 



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