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Tips on How to Have a Minimalist Wardrobe

The fashion world can often be overwhelming. With thousands of prints and fabrics, it can be hard to decide what to wear day, let alone what kind of style you want to have.  As a college student, I find that having a minimalistic style makes my life so much easier.


1. Be a Basic B

(image from: The Fashion Medley)

Basics will literally be your best friend in college.  Basics can be worn a thousand different ways before anyone notices outfit repeating.  Focusing more on the silhouette an article of clothing shows instead of its print or color can be very beneficial.  Despite what kind of style you have or want, you need basics no matter what.  Why not just get as much as possible?


2. Black Everything

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Black always look chic, and yes you may end up looking like a Twilight wannabe, but the Cullens were the coolest kids in school.  An all-black outfit gives off a powerful aura, especially when paired with the right shoes and accessories.


3. Accessorize Away

(image from: guestlist)

Just because your outfit is minimalist doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  Adding a pair of statement earrings, print scarf or flashy high heels can always spice up an outfit.  Fashion is supposed to be about experimentation so adding trendy accessories to timeless looks will always be in style.  


4. Closet Clear-out

(image from: Monroe and Main)

Purging your closet at least once a year is always a good idea.  Donating anything that doesn’t fit or give you joy anymore is a great way to clear up space while also giving back.  Anything that holds sentimental value that you can’t wear anymore should be stored away in a safe space. 


5. Quality over Quantity

(image from: woman&home)

Having a few good shoes is so much better than having twenty pairs of shoes that just clutter the bottom of your closet.  Not all of us can afford the finer things in life, but saving up an extra $20 to buy a nicer pair of shoes for work is a small investment that pay off in the long run.



Sarah Turley is a current junior at Suffolk University studying Print/Web Journalism. She is from Albany, New York and loves everything about Boston. When not writing for Her Campus she can also be found writing for the Suffolk Journal, reading, finding the best new restaurants with her friends, or traveling the world.
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