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Tips for Flying During Spring Break



One of the busiest times of the year to travel is during spring break. Whether it is your first time traveling alone, or you just like to be prepared, the following is a list of tips and tricks to get you to your spring break destination.


  1. Pack Light – To make your life so much easier, pack light. Only the necessities. Odds are you aren’t going to have enough time to make 3 outfit changes a day or wear 4 different pairs of shoes on your trip. By packing light, you are packing less stuff that can be left behind or stolen, as well as leaving more room to bring back souvenirs.


  1. Do All Your Research – If you are traveling without your parents, make sure that before you leave you know exactly what time your plane leaves and what time to get to the airport. If you are making a flight change, know where and what time that plane leaves, as well as make sure you have proper transportation from the airport when you arrive.


  1. Always Pack a Good Carry-On – While on the plane, chances are you are going to be somewhat bored no matter how long your flight is. To take your mind off of how excited you’ll be for your trip, as well as end your boredom, make sure to pack something to do in your carry on! Some examples are IPads, books, puzzle books, or even a good neck pillow for a nap.


  1. Make Gum Your Best Friend – When you take off and land, sometimes the change in altitude can make your ears pop ridiculously. To make sure this doesn’t happen, chew gum during your arrival and departure.


  1. Dress Comfortably – Flying isn’t always as glamourous as the celebrities make it seem. Sometimes while flying it can get cold, so make sure to dress in layers. Also, unlike a private jet, the seats aren’t going to be super comfortable so make sure you dress as comfortable as possible. An ideal outfit would be sweatpants or comfy jeans, a sweatshirt, and sneakers.


  1. MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS COMPLETELY CHARGED. In case of emergencies or whenever you may need directions, make sure your phone has sufficient battery. Try and make sure it lasts you your entire trip to your destination. A good way to make sure of this is by spending a little money on a portable charger (but don’t forget to charge this too before you leave!).




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