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Image by: Julia Ahaesy


Thrifting is such a good idea, especially for a college student! It is a great way to do your part in helping the environment, while not breaking your bank. Transform your wardrobe by shopping name brand pieces and trendy essentials, for a price you can actually afford.

However, when you first step into a thrift store, it is easy to get overwhelmed. The first few times I went thrifting, I left after five minutes. Where do I go? What do I look for? How do I find the perfect piece? However, I have picked up on some tips and tricks that made thrifting fun, and actually stress-relieving. Here’s what I do…

Image by: Julia Ahaesy


Before you go…


  • Get some ideas

Go on Pinterest, Instagram, or google search images of your fashion inspiration. (Personally, mine is Racheal Green from Friends). Screenshot outfits you like and take note of each individual item. This will give you a clear idea of what to add to your cart when you get there. Check out my style board if you don’t know where to start: https://pin.it/gxvblcj2avbdo4

  • Have a positive attitude

Going thrifting in a bad mood can make your experience terrible. Going thrifting should not be a chore! Get a coffee, get comfy, play your favorite music, and get ready. 


Image by: Julia Ahaesy


Arriving at the Thrift…


  • Focus 

I love to put in headphones and listen to my favorite music or podcast. This makes my time more enjoyable and limits all the distractions that I don’t want. Check out my thrifting playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/22itYFgnumZXphav4fcMX0

  • Go outside your comfort zone 

Check out every section in the store, even in some areas you would never even think about looking at in a retail store. Expand your search to more than just the women’s tops. Check out the men’s tees, shoes, sweaters, and even jeans. Look at the kid’s sections, pajamas, lingerie, jewelry, bags, and more. You never know what you’ll find.

  • Make yourself a routine

Establishing a routine can make your experience a lot less overwhelming. The first place I always go to is the shoe section, followed by the men’s graphics, and so on. Make your way down each aisle of each section if that’s easiest. Just have a plan.

  • Take your time

Thrifting definitely takes a lot of patience. I love to go when I am not in a rush and can take my time to go through every single item on the rack from end to end; it is almost like a therapy for me. This will give you the best chance to find the perfect pieces.   


Leaving the store…

Image by: Julia Ahaesy

  • Don’t get discouraged

Sometimes I walk out of the store with nothing, other times I walk out with several bags! Thrift stores are always changing and getting new things to sell. Not one experience will be the same.


Get going!

  • Thrift Stores

There are plenty of thrift stores around Boston! Check out this article for the best spots to thrift around you:


  • Love online shopping? 

There are also some great online thrift stores that you should check out:

Julia is is the College Fashionista Editorial Intern at Her Campus Media. On the few occasions she is not writing, you can find her buried in the latest issue of Vogue, binging "Sex and the City" for the hundredth time, or drinking too much coffee. As a senior at Suffolk University, she is currently studying abroad in London, England. Follow Julia on Instagram @jahaesy.
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