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Most likely to be president: Tyler Leblanc + Carol Leon


Most likely to be on a reality TV show: Eleni Kotsiopoulos + Carlos De La Cruz


Most likely to forget the events of the evening: Ryan Finn + Ryann McMorrow

Most Likely To Win A Grammy: Oscar Stoltz + Madison Wright


Best Dressed: Sydney Reiter + Joe Cesaro


Most likely to be famous: Chris Adams + Mackenzie Newcomb (who both share the same birthday, 2/15!)


Most likely to be CEO first: Anthony Cambece + Dzentia Cifric


Most changed since freshman year: John Larrow + Ashley Tulley

JL then:



AT then:



Julep MVP: Max Pashman + Tanya Vladov


Most likely to be on SNL: Zack Barker + Stephie Kay


Most likely to work at Suffolk: Jane Farrell + Alex Pappas


Biggest Flirt: Catherine Doherty + Ryan Finn


Most likely to cure a disease: Lindsay Clark + Nick Mosca


Everybody’s Crush: Nicole Johnson + Chris Adams


Life of the party: Amy Rossetti + Chris Murray


Class Couple: Dan LeMaitre + Chelsea Bess


Class Couple that should have been: Zack Barker + Maddie Fritz












Mackenzie's the name, Campus Correspondant for Suffolk is my game. 
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