Stefan Sagmeister Speaking at Suffolk

Next Wednesday, February 27th, graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister will speaking at Suffolk University. Sagmeister will be giving a speech on his design process, graphic design firm and his new book, "Beauty". The book store will also have Sameister's book, "Beauty", on sale at the bookstore and anyone who goes to this event can have their book signed afterwards.

(image from: If I don’t ask, I don’t get | Stefan Sagmeister)

Stefan Sagmeister is a New York based graphic designer known best for his dynamic and typographical designs and artworks. Sagmeister is most notable for doing his album art for music acts such as: The Rolling Stones, Jay Z and Aerosmith. Along with doing work for major corporations and celebrities, Sagmeister, along with business partner Jessica Walsh, created their graphic design firm, Sagmeister & Walsh Inc. in 2012.

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(image from: Why Sagmeister & Walsh Works: An interview with the renowned design duo about their partnership)

At this event, Sagmeister will be discussing the themes and ideas explore in his and Jessica Walsh's book "Beauty". In "Beauty", Sagmeister and Walsh explore the true essence of beauty and how beautiful design can transcend the literal definition of "beauty". Sagmeister and Walsh use stunning visuals and profound words in this book to get to the true meaning of beauty through different viewpoints and standards across the globe.

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Come hear Stefan Sagmeister speak at Suffolk on Wednesday, February 27th at 6:30 PM at Sargent Hall (room 170)

(image made by Suffolk Campus Correspondant: Julia DeVincentis)