Staying Home for Spring Break

Spring break is exciting whether or not you’re travelling to an exotic destination. We all need to relax a little after midterms have hit, and luckily the weather will be nice enough in Boston for us to at least get outside. So if you’re not one of the lucky ones flying out to Miami or cruising to the Bahamas, read on to get some ideas of how to still make your break amazing!


Explore the city on a bicycle.

Enjoy the nice weather by setting a spot in the city that you haven’t really explored. Bike down Charles Street on Beacon Hill, or go through Harvard Square in Cambridge, or even hang out in JP. Enjoying the weather and seeing a new part of the city on a relaxing bike ride will make you feel like you’re in a whole new place. (Bonus – its exercise) If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one for $25, or use Hubway.


Have dinner in the North End.

If you don’t go to the North End often, like me as someone who lives in Roxbury, make a dinner reservation one night during the week for you and a friend or date to have a fancy dinner. You may not be in Italy but you can pretend for a night. Treat yourself to delicious food, tasty dessert and fine wine (if you’re of age). Check out the best North End restaurants for ideas on where to go.


Go to the Zoo

Channel your inner kid for the day at the Franklin Park Zoo. (The cutest little Nigerian dwarf goat was just born there last month!) It’s pretty easy to get there via the Orange line and the 16 Bus, and it’ll be a great day to hang out with some cute animals and forget the stress of your classes.


Get organized.

This one might not sound as fun but it’ll be worth it to take some time during your week off to do some spring cleaning. Sell odds and ends on eBay, put old textbooks up on Amazon, and utilize Poshmark to make money off clothes, shoes and accessories you no longer want. You can also bring these things to the Garment District in Cambridge or Buffalo Exchange in Allston. You’ll feel better about going back to school when you have an organized place to come back to.


Go to a trivia night.

One of my personal favorite activities to do with my roommates and friends is attend trivia nights. They have them at tons of bars and restaurants around the city during the week. It’s really fun to compete with other groups and I promise you’ll have a lot of laughs whether or not you win. You might even learn something!


Enjoy the outdoors.

While it’s nice outside over break, grab a book and sit out in the Boston Public Garden or Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum.


Go to the spa/host a spa night.

It’s been a long few weeks in school, so you deserve a little relaxation. Go get a mani/pedi or a facial to unwind and treat yourself. Or, if you don’t want to dish out money, host a spa night at your place with friends. You can easily find inexpensive DIY facial masks on Pinterest and chop up some cucumbers for your eyes. Give each other mani/pedi’s after and you’ll feel like a million bucks. (Plus, enjoying some wine while you’re doing it will make it an even better night for you 21+ ladies)