Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends: It’s around that time of year where we’re FINALLY seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after months of freezing cold temps and a handful of nor’easters. Get around to doing that annual spring cleaning in your closet, and be sure to make room for these spring and summer trends!

Statement Earrings: A funky pair of earrings can be the missing piece to a otherwise average outfit. Pair them with a relatively simple monochromatic piece, such as a plain black jumpsuit, in order to make sure you’re making a true statement. And if you’re going to make a statement, make a statement! Go crazy and pick large earrings that have fringe or bold colors. If you’re someone with super thick or curly hair, consider wearing your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail to showcase the earrings properly.  


Chunky Shoes: These are for risk takers only!! As previewed in SS18 collections like Tommy Hilfiger (tommy x gigi), sportswear is in this season, and a pair of chunky white sneakers will go great with a sporty look. Dress them down with a pair of ripped jeans and a graphic t, or you’re feeling daring, pair some chunky sneaks with a feminine dress for a look that’s both tomboy and girly girl. If you’re not the sneaker type, opt for a pair of platform sandals. You’ll still get the bulky shoe effect.


Wrap Dresses: Summer sundresses are always on trend, but the specific wrap detail gives the dress a little more shape and flare. I’m all for dresses with print, especially in the summer, but if you’re going to do a wrap dress, it’s best to keep the print on the subtle side so it doesn’t take away from the wrap effect. These dresses look great with a pair of simple, strappy heels or make it more casual with minimalistic sandals.

Yellow: For those of us whose closets consist of primarily of black, white, and grey, this is a great way to add some life back into your wardrobe. If you’re on the paler side, lean towards yellows that are more of a mustard tone so as to not clash with your skin tone. This trend is especially prominent in bathing suits, so there’s never been a better time to wear your itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow bikini.


Plaid: Yes, you read that correctly! Although most of us are used to saving plaid strictly for the holidays or pajamas, it’s making a comeback in a big way this summer. To avoid making your outfit seem too wintery, avoid reds and darker colors, and look for plaids that include lighter color schemes like yellows or tans. Pair plaid pants with a plain shirt and doc martens for a grunge look, or dress it up with a plaid skirt or dress. Be sure to remember the most important rule for patterns however - never more than one in an outfit!