Spring Fashion Trends to Try Out Based on your Astrology Sign

Now that spring has officially sprung, it's time to do a little spring cleaning in our closets. So what better way to fill them back up than with clothes that match with our astrology signs?! Here are the best fashion trends to try out based on your astrology this Spring!


(image from: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2019 Milan)

While Aquarians are usually quiet when you first meet them, the more you get to know them, the more their eccentric personality comes out. To let that eccentric side out, try pairing bold patternerned shirts to a cute pair of jeans for the ultimate Aquarius spring look!


(image from: 2019 Spring Fashion Trends You Need To Know)

While Pisces are known for their boho-way of life, trying a more "business-esque" look this spring will highlight the smart side and fashionable side of Pisces!


For the fun, energy filled Aries, try bold colors this season! Whether it's combining every color under the rainbow or a monochromatic look will brighten any day this season!


(image from: New beige metallic pleated long skirt maxi length spring summer golden metalic)

Taurus' love comfort and all things earthy, but sometimes it's hard to find that fashionable balance. To get that fashionable, boho look while still being comfortable, opt for a neutral colored maxi skirt with a comfy t-shirt will keep you comfy while still looking fashion forward!


(image from: Vogue)

Everyone loves to call Geminis the "two-faced" sign, so why not take that slight dig and make it into something great! Play around with different fabrics and patterns this season and make the "two-faced" a positive attribute to Geminis!


(image from: Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer)

Cancers let their hearts make the decisions throughout their day to day life, so why not match that romanticism with a floral maxi dress? Perfect for chillier spring days with a jean jacket or on their own on warmer days, a maxi dress is always the way to go for romantic cancers!


(image from: Vogue Russia)

Nothing is more fitting for a warmhearted Leo than a classic floral dress. The looseness of a floral dress will make anyone wanna get all wrapped up in it and see the true heart of any Leo.


(image from: Orient Palms)

Just because Virgos tend to live on the more pragmatic, conservative side of life, doesn't mean you can't add something a little crazy to your closet this spring! Whether it's a bold pattern or an untraditional pants, adding a fun piece to your spring wardrobe will brighten up your closet and life!


(image from: Vogue UK)

For the peaceful Libras, linens and flowy dresses are the move this spring. The flowy-ness of a maxi dress mixed with the lightness of linen perfectly embodies the peacefulness of Libras.


(image from: Vogue Italia)

Known for being resourceful, Scorpios should skip on long flowy skirts or dresses this spring and opt for detailed jeans to make moving around a city for busy Scorpios! 


(image from: Street Style Looks from Milan Fashion Week FW19)

For all the extraverted Sagittarius' out there, this spring is the perfect time to take your loud personality and reflect it in your outfits through bold colors and crazy patterns!


(image from: Vogue)

It's not a traditional spring look without a wrap dress, so it makes sense that for the traditional Capricorn, a wrap dress is the first thing that should be added to their spring wardrobe!