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Spotlight: HerCampus Suffolk Co-Campus Correspondent

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

Lauren Comeau, one of the chapter leaders of HerCampus (HC), who has been a part of the team since her freshman year, now a senior, has been promoted to club president and is excited for this school year.

“The great thing about HerCampus is you have the opportunity to write on your own time, as we are flexible with members and their weekly article contributions,” Comeau said.

“You are able to brainstorm and work your article from the ground up when you have the time to do so, and it is a great space for female writers to have the freedom to write about what they want.”

Last year, HC held their meetings online via Zoom but is now back on campus and ready to write.

Comeau said that running the club last year online was difficult for her and that it had also been her first time working as one of the leaders for a club here at Suffolk.

“Luckily I had my President [Julia DeVincentis, now graduated] to help me navigate it all, but it was still difficult to figure out how to keep people engaged from behind a computer screen,” she said.

HerCampus (HC) is an online publication for and by women in university, where members have the opportunity to write about various topics ranging from politics to health and wellness. Suffolk University is one of the numerous campus chapters to contribute to the online magazine.

However, Comeau feels HC is often misperceived as strictly writing about fashion trends or pop culture, but ensures that Suffolk’s chapter likes to touch upon a wide variety of more serious topics including women’s rights, issues within mental health and racism in America.

“I am trying to move the club in the direction that we can become a platform that writes about fun things but can also hit upon the important issues, as HerCampus is a great organization for women to feel connected with one another.”

Comeau spoke about how she has looked forward to being able to hold in-person meetings this year and to have personal interactions with members. She also said how she would love the opportunity to host events on campus and collaborate with some other clubs here on campus.

Comeau’s primary goal this year is to boost member engagement and recruit new members.

“Not many people know what HerCampus is here at Suffolk and I want to ensure that we can establish a presence here at the university before I graduate,” said Comeau.