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Name: Simon Leahy

Age: 20 years old

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Year: Freshman

Major: Finance

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Status: Single

Get To Know You

Q: What has been your most embarrassing moment?

A: Well, back in in high school you could write a note for the announcement people to make a special announcement during lunch. So I went ahead and asked a girl to prom through the lunch announcements. To my surprise, the gi

rl wasn’t there! She had just walked outside and didn’t hear it.

Q: What is something you’ve done in your life that you are most proud of?

A: I have to say that, for now, it is the fact that I graduated high school.



Q: What is your favorite television show?

That’s an easy one…Seinfeld.

Q: What would your drink of choice at a bar?

A: Jack Daniels, I’ll have to say.

Q: Favorite dessert?

A: Cookies and milk – but very important – they must be freshly baked!

Suffolk Life

Q: What activities are you involved in on campus?

A: I’m proud to say I am a player for the hockey team here at Suffolk. Go Rams!!

Q: Where are you most likely to be seen on campus?

A: *Laughs* I think I spend most of my free time in the kitchen located in 10 West basement.

Q: What would be your dream job after graduating from Suffolk?

A: Hard question, but I have been thinking I would enjoy being a stock broker.



Q: Most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

A: I made a homemade Valentine’s Day dinner for a girl.

Q: Your dream girl. What would she be like?

A: Mmm I’m really open, I mean I’m definitely not a “looks” guy only, but let’s say long hair, good body, who likes hockey and plays volleyball.

Q: Ideal first date?

A: Definitely Dinner on the beach.

QUICK! This or That?

Coke or Pepsi?


Mexican or Italian food?


Coffee or tea?


Sunrise or sunset?


Money or love?

*Laughs* Good one! I’ll go with love.

PC or Mac?


Silver or gold?


Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?

Honey mustard

Bacon or cheeseburger?


Dress up or dress down?

Dress down

Books or movies?


Chocolate or vanilla?


Cats or dogs?


Call or text?


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