The Signs as Halloween Candy

Capricorn - Candy Corn

Did I pick candy corn because it has “corn” in the name? Possibly. But, Capricorns are also loyal and practical, just as candy corn is always the practical choice for Halloween parties, and never lets anyone down.

Aquarius - Laffy Taffy


So I may have picked another name pun… Aquarius’ have a good sense of humor.. Get it.. “Laffy” Taffy.


Pisces - Lifesavers


Pisces are good to have in your life, since they are caring people who always tend to help others first. A Pisces will always come to your rescue!

Aries - Hot Tamales


Aries are most well-known for being a fire sign. Though they are lively and energetic, they can also be a little hot-headed sometimes!

Taurus - Hershey Bar


Taurus’ are some of the most trustworthy and reliable people you will ever meet. Has a Hershey Bar ever let you down?

Gemini - Sour Patch Kids


First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. As the sign of the twins, Gemini’s are known for their duality. They can be fun and social, but also can be serious and tense.

Cancer - Milky Way

Everyone knows Cancer’s as the sensitive, emotional sign. Just like Milky Way’s have an ooey’ gooey center, Cancer’s are the same. They have huge hearts and are extremely caring.

Leo - Reese’s Cup

A Reese’s Cup is one of those iconic candies that is appreciated by so many and the same goes for Leo’s. They are genuinely loved and admired by those around them.

Virgo - Smarties


Virgos truly are smarties! They are intelligent, pay excellent attention to details, and like everything to be exact.

Libra - Fun Dip


If you have a Libra in your life, then you know they are very energetic, full of life, and love to be around other people.


Scorpio - Tootsie Pop


Scorpio’s are exactly like Tootsie pops. They may be putting up a tough exterior to try and shut you out as they are secretive people, but they have a soft inside as they’re also passionate and caring.


Sagittarius - Starburst

Sagittarius’ are those people in your life who are always looking on the bright side. They’re energetic, enthusiastic, and adventurous.