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Reviewing Thinx Period Underwear

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

As one of the many people that deals with periods, I have tested many of the menstrual products that are on the market. However, many of the products are not environmentally friendly, and it has been difficult often to find a product that both fits my personal preferences and is sustainable. However, after some trial and error, I have discovered Thinx period underwear to be the best sustainable period product on the market.

Ranging in price between $20 to $40, the underwear does come at a heavy cost. But,when calculating how much an average person may spend on tampons in a year, the price is justifiable. The sizes are inclusive, offering sizes XXS-4X, as well as various styles and absorbency levels. The company also offers two ‘sister’ brands: Thinx (btwn), period underwear for tweens & teens, and Speax, underwear for bladder leaks.

Instead of Thinx, i purchased from Thinx (btwn) for two reason: it is cheaper compared to Thinx and provided full absorbency (up to 5 tampons worth) no matter what style chosen. Thinx (btwn) offer color options in four styles: bikini, boyshorts, briefs and sleeping shorts. I ended up purchasing several pairs of the black bikini underwear. For the fit of these bottoms, it was snug around the leg but overall super comfortable. Throughout the day or during a full night’s sleep, there were no leaks! Honestly, I really loved these and would recommend to anyone looking for a more eco-friendly period product.

However, there are few things to keeps in mind when considering purchasing this product. If you are someone who doesn’t like seeing or smelling your period, i would not recommend purchasing, as it does soak your period blood in fabric. Another component to consider is that after every wear, you do have to wash them (duh). So, when buying a pair, it is advised to buy the amount that will last until the end of your cycle.

In summary, if you are looking to explore new options when it comes to your menstrual health, Thinx period underwear is a product to look out for.