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Review of Glossier Boston

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

Early this year in August, Glossier made its debut with a pop-up store docked in Boston’s Seaport.  Glossier Boston features nine houses that are dedicated to different categories of their products seen online, ranging from makeup to skincare products. Each house is cutely compact inside and colored in the famous Glossier pink, so you can’t miss them when you walk by. Image by: Mia Minnucci  

When entering, an employee wearing a pink jumpsuit will give you a mini-map that shows the layout of the houses and what’s in each one.  

Let’s take a look! 

The interior is clean and crisp with mirrors covering the majority of the walls. If not, then they are painted in a whitish pink color out and have pictures of models wearing their products or swatches of their makeup. All the products are neatly displayed on a white surface to allow the product’s brightly colored packaging to pop with mirrors standing nearby. Some of the tables even have beautiful flowers to give the store a more homey feel.

Image by: Mia Minnucci Three of the nine houses store all the brand’s makeup and each product is available to test with tiny plastic applicators. Glossier’s makeup objective is to allow anyone to rock a fresh everyday look that enhances the person’s natural beauty. Most popular items include their cloud paint, brow flick, and lip gloss. 

When it comes to skincare, Glossier is on it. Their easy-to-use products are catered to all skin types to help you battle any problems your facing. The brand stresses the importance of having glowing dewy skin and with their products, you are sure to achieve that! Skincare favorites include priming moisturizer, milky jelly cleanser, the solution and the balm dotcom which comes in eight flavors to choose from.

Image by: Mia Minnucci In the Glossier You, their signature fragrance is displayed in a bright red lounge. The perfume either comes in a small bottle or a solid compact that is the perfect size to take to the gym after a workout. Next house over features Glossier’s number one bestsellers: the boy brow and brow flick which helps your brows appear to look thicker than they are.

If you didn’t take a picture with the Generation G, did you really go to Glossier Boston? It is the perfect opportunity to pose with your friends and take a picture for memories.  

Image by: Mia Minnucci

Visiting Glossier wouldn’t be complete without purchasing a few items of your own. On the mini-map, all their products are listed for customers to check off any item they would like to purchase as they walk through the houses. Don’t forget your Glossier Boston merch! Once you know what you want to buy, just ask an employee who will give you an iPad to fill out an order. After that, you can grab your items at the pickup window. Each bag has your name written on it with free samples inside and a sticker.