Review on the Bandcamp App

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Are you sick of listening to the mainstream music that always bombards the radio, and want to discover some new and possibly unknown artists? Then definitely you have to try the music app known as Bandcamp. It is a revolutionary music service that breaks down the barriers for self-release music across all genres. You have the ability to stream songs for free, or if you are feeling very inspired, or buy a download of albums in a wide range of formats.

Through different tags and selection options, you can search through endless amounts of music by genre, country, other people’s recommendations, record labels, and many more options. The tagging also provides huge benefits, going beyond basic identifiers. You can search the name of a favorite artist or song, and it will come up with hundreds of different artists that will fit within your preference. It is the best way to discover relatively unknown artists and expand your music selection beyond what Spotify or Apple Music has to offer.

I was first introduced to this new world of music by my friend only a few weeks ago. She is someone who is a loyal follower of many different genres of music and loves going to discover new bands. Since I’ve gone to college and have been introduced to many new kinds of people, I’ve really been trying to expand my taste in music and look beyond the typical artists in the industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran just as much as the next person, but I really was looking for a way to break out of my somewhat “mainstream” taste in music. Below are some of my new favorite artists I have found while exploring the app these last few weeks:


Stella Donnelly

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An artist from Perth, Australia, Donnelly gives off a soft indie rock vibe, singing about everything from relationships to the obstacles that women face in our society today.


Awon Soulapowa

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An American hip-hop recording artist, Awon has released many albums since 2008, when he got started as an artist, doing collaborations with artists like Phoniks and Dephlow. His music combines elements of soul, hip hop, and R&B.

Laura Stevenson

Image from: Ticketfly

An American indie rock artist, Stevenson provides us with powerful ballads backed up by electric guitars and keyboards. She has played in many venues all over the country, including several right here in Boston!