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Red Sox World Series Parade: An Experience

Waking up on Wednesday morning, one could feel the general buzz of excitement in the air. Classes were canceled, and the noise from the crowd outside our door woke up just about the entire dorm building. Growing up in New England, I am a natural born Red Sox fan, except I don’t actually watch baseball at all… Hearing the news that we had won the World Series was so exciting, but I had seen none of the game. Nonetheless, I still bought a World Series t-shirt and headed out to the parade with my friends.

Going to school in downtown Boston is an experience like no other. What other place can you walk out of your building and have thousands of people waiting for those duck boats right on your sidewalk? The crowd around us was an excited one, filled with college students, there were non-stop cheers of “Yankees suck”, and of course “Sweet Caroline” was constantly being sung by many.  My friends and I stood among the crowd not failing to take pictures and document the incredible experience, just waiting for the first of the duck boats to roll down our street. People had been waiting outside all morning, they had to secure their spot right by the fence. Personally, I waited for about an hour and that seemed like an eternity.

Finally, we saw the first duck boat and the cheers were deafening. That was the second that I realized… I did not know one Red Sox player… The atmosphere of the parade was unlike anything I had ever experienced before, and my friends and I found ourselves cowering, trying not to be hit in the head with a beer can. Yet, as the last of the duck boats started coming and we saw the float with Wally, there was an overwhelming sense of pride and team spirit that even I was able to experience. Seeing the entirety of our street covered in red, white and blue confetti and seeing the players hold up the trophy, (before it was broken) left a memory in my mind that I know I will never forget. Leaving the parade, shivering, smelling like whatever had been spilled all over me, and already exhausted, I knew that somehow it was worth it. Boston sports fans are insane. I have truly seen that first hand. But, they are also the most dedicated and loyal fans and they make me proud to say, I am from Boston.

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