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Reasons You Should Watch Julia and the Phantoms

In September Netflix released a new series called Julie and the Phantoms. Directed by Kenny Ortega, this show is truly a masterpiece that all ages can enjoy and fall in love with. With only one season, I believe it is something everyone should give a chance, and here’s why!


  1. The Characters


The four main characters, Julie, Luke, Reggie and Alex are so insanely lovable even with their flaws. They are hilarious, talented and will make you fall in love with them instantly. Each character has a backstory, and while not all of them are explored, the ones that are will leave you emotionally invested. 


  1. The Plot! 


I feel like this one is a given when recommending a tv show, but because it is technically supposed to be a “kids” show, I think it is worth touching upon. There are a few cheesy moments (death by hot dogs? really?), but it definitely has an overall amazing story and nothing said or done is extremely childish or feels over-explained. Seriously, Luke and Julie have more chemistry together than adult actors who have spent years acting together. 


  1. Madison Reyes


Yes, she is the main actress on the show, but just keep in mind that this girl is SIXTEEN years old and sings these songs as if she is a pro! It is truly breathtaking. 


  1. It will bring you joy in these uncertain times


Personally, this show was a beacon of bright light in the midst of all this COVID isolation. It will make you laugh, and even want to get up and dance. There are so many lines that are incredibly funny, and even though the show has its fair share of heartbreaking moments (*cough* unsaid emily *cough*), you will find yourself smiling uncontrollably. 


  1. The music!


We all know that Kenny Ortega puts amazing music into everything he works on, but this show is truly superb. I listen to each song daily, and so many of them carry an emotional connection because of how they are used in the song. There are slow songs that will get you all in your feels and songs that will make you want to get up and dance. Every actor plays the instruments they are seen playing on screen, and all the performances are so authentic, it is hard to not fall in love with every aspect of the show.

Carina Fresa is a current Senior honors student at Suffolk University. Originally from Connecticut, she has truly found a home in Boston. She is the multi-media coordinator for Rampage Show Choir, as well as a participant in Her Campus and the Union of Designers, Operators and Technicians. Carina loves music, film, reading and writing. She also enjoys dedicating time to helping animals, and worked at her local cat shelter back in CT.
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