Rampage Presents: Alumni Cabaret


Last weekend Rampage held their annual cabaret at Modern Theatre at Suffolk University. The show was hosted by the talented, Who’s Askin’ Sketch Comedy Troupe who introduced acts and performed a few of their sketches.


(Photo by Logan Casey)


In the audience we had a few young girl scouts, who were eventually invited on to the stage to join an audience participation song lead by CJ Koch.  Additionally, all Rampage alumni were invited to attend and perform a ballad, “Morning Glow” with the group. There were 3 members who joined the group on stage, and one who happily watched from the audience.


The show opened with a hit Jonas Brothers song from 2007, That’s Just the Way We Roll. A few sketch members were featured in this fun number by handing a whale to Carina Fresa, and “painting” the wall with a paint roller to emphasize the comical lyrics in the tune. The two other performers in the trio, Katie Johnson and Rebecca McAuliffe, brought joy and talent to the song. The timing of the show in relation to the Jonas Brothers reunion seems like a coincidence, but we know they were inspired for a reunion because of Rampage (okay maybe not, but that’s okay).


(Photo by  Morgan Hume)


All the performances of the night truly showcased the talent in the group. Many soloists and small groups took the stage throughout the night. Following the independent acts and a performance by Who’s Askin’, Rampage invited the alumni on stage to join “Morning Glow”. The song opens with soloist Carina Fresa, and follows with the incredible voices of Rampage members. They all took the stage in a semicircle, and especially with the seniors, emotions were high. The show closed with Rampages set of the year, featuring soloists Sarah Bishop, Grayson Collins, Molly Ellis and quartet Katie Johnson, Julianna Fielding, Charles Tang and Carina Fresa.


(Photo by Morgan Hume)


After all the performances the group took their bows, and invited sketch and alumni on stage for a group pictures. Scrapbooks were presented to seniors Rebecca McAuliffe, Julianna Fielding and Taylor Driscoll as their senior gifts. They performed their last Rampage cabaret beautifully, and will be missed greatly by the rest of the group in years to come.


(Photo by Aris Walker)