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Profile: W!CKED Captains

Name: Kacie McCarty

Year: Junior/Senior

HometownEverett, Ma

Relationship statusSingle

Involvement on campus: Captain of W!CKED

Astrology sign: Aries


Name: Rebecca Richardson

Year: Senior

Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island

Relationship statusSINGLE AF

Involvement on campus: W!CKED (obvi); Public Relations Club

Astrology sign: Taurus

Snapchat or Insta: Snap: Becca5795 Insta: Becca_Richardson

Can you tell us a little bit about W!CKED?

W!CKED is a student run hip hop dance team from Suffolk in which we perform, compete, and hold our own competitions. Our goal is to continuously grow as dancers, not only individually but also as a team, all while continuing to have fun!


What is your favorite part about the team?

Kacie: All of my friends! We really become one big family and this team wouldn’t be possible without them.

Becca: My Favorite part about the team is how much of a family we are. The people I have met through W!cked over the last 4 years will definitely be life long friends.


What are some of your big accomplishments as a team?

Kacie: I think our biggest accomplishment is getting out of our comfort zone and attending shows that we have never done before. It gets W!CKED’s name out there and it is also a great opportunity to learn new styles and grow as dancers.

Becca: Over the last 4 years the team has accomplished so much; this year especially. This year we got accepted to compete in World of Dance which is a huge deal for me. I spend so much time watching World of Dance videos from all around the world on YouTube that I cannot believe I will be dancing on that stage. It’s truly a dream come true.


How long have you both been dancing?

Kacie: I have been dancing for 18 years but have been doing hip hop specifically for 5 years.

Becca: I’ve been dancing since I was 3! 18 years later and it’s still my favorite thing to do.

What are some things you enjoy outside of dance?

Kacie: When I’m not dancing I enjoy hiking.

Becca: I LOVE to shop. Sometimes its a little bit of a problem but I mostly have it under control. I also like to spend time with my friends and family.


If you could dance with one person, who would it be?

Kacie: Jade Chynoweth 

Becca: Justin Timberlake for sure


Who is your celebrity crush?

Kacie: Bradley Cooper

Becca: Justin Timberlake


Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Kacie: Jennifer Lawrence

Becca: Julianne Hough




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