Our Thoughts On Demi Lovato Singing The National Anthem At The Superbowl

This year’s SuperBowl consisted of interesting musical performances, such as Shakira and J. Lo’s half-time show. Though there is much controversy surrounding some of these acts, there is one performance that most people can agree on - Demi Lovato’s national anthem.

Personally, I have been a huge fan of Demi since her Camp Rock days. I even saw her live in concert (12-year-old me most definitely fangirled). I think she’s a hugely underrated artist with incredible vocals that dominate most female pop artists in today’s music industry.

So, when I watched her sing the national anthem during the SuperBowl, I totally freaked out! It was an especially touching performance, considering the fact that she recently got out of rehab after overdosing. She even wrote an emotional song surrounding her addiction, which she performed at the Grammy’s this year (also an incredible performance).

Being a singer myself, I analyzed Demi’s anthem from a technical standpoint. She was perfectly on pitch and nailed every riff and high note, showing off her insane range. Her belting was powerful - cutting through the music and cheers of the crowd. Although it was strong, it was not overdone. She sang the anthem with very little alterations to the original melody, which made it sound clean and sharp. I can’t get enough!

Overall, Demi Lovato absolutely did the Star-Spangled Banner justice and surely made America very proud. Some say her performance will even go down as one of the best in SuperBowl anthem history.