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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

We all are familiar with our society’s excitement when it comes to fall. The cooler weather, festive drinks, and approaching holidays are all commonly anticipated near the end of every summer. As we move deeper into the month of October, this enthusiasm for the current season has only grown, and will likely continue to increase, especially with Halloween just around the corner. However, for those of us interested in the why of all things, we have to wonder, why is this love for fall so prevalent? What makes us all drawn to the season of pumpkin spice lattes and warm sweaters?

Holidays and Memories

Firstly, it is entirely possible that we enjoy the season of fall so much due to its association with upcoming events and holidays. We often think of specific memories and traditions when it comes to fall, whether it be trick-or-treating in your neighborhood as a child or sharing a special family dinner with friends and relatives. These memories can evoke feelings of happiness, and the power of nostalgia influences us to associate these feelings with the time of year. In addition, knowing that similar experiences and traditions are coming up for us in the near future gives us something to be excited about. 

Dropping Temperatures 

The cooler weather also may very well play a role in our love for the season. Research suggests that human happiness is maximized at temperatures around 57 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a common area of temperature during the fall season in New England. In addition, we often associate the cold with feelings of comfort. Studies have shown that feeling cold can influence us to choose movies that we associate with “psychological warmth,” which may be increasing our enjoyment of the season as a whole.  

Social Influence 

On a less positive note, our enjoyment of fall may be influenced by the opinion of society in general. In hopes to fit in socially, we often mirror the thoughts and actions of people around us. The concept of groupthink, a tendency we have to agree with a group without genuine evaluation, commonly stems from our desire to keep things balanced in a large mass of people, and this concept is prevalent in many areas of our life, potentially our love for autumn included. Even if you’d rather be in warmer weather or you prefer Christmas to Halloween, the constant excitement for autumn may certainly influence us to take part in the enthusiasm. 

Need for Change 

Finally, an additional explanation for our fall appreciation is our natural desire for change. As human beings, we often find ourselves getting bored when things are the same for too long, whether it be our daily routines, our foods, or even the weather. The shift from summer to fall is often the most obvious and noticeable, with significant changes in temperature, clothing, and the activities we find ourselves doing. Therefore, it is possible that fall gives us the much-needed change in our timeline, further contributing to our love for these months of the year.

Kaviya is a junior studying psychology. Her hobbies include drawing and reading thriller/mystery novels, and she hopes to work in the field of clinical psychology one day.