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New Fall TV Shows of 2017

Fall is a brilliant time in the television industry; everyone’s favorite shows come back on air after all those long summer months of waiting but also there’s always a bunch of brand new exciting shows on every network. Here’s a few new shows that caught my eye and sound like they’ll be pretty great.


Black Lightning (The CW)

The CW is known for it’s amazing DC superhero shows including Arrow and The Flash but this year there’s a new DC Legend: Jefferson Pierce (played by Cress Williams). The show follows Pierce after he decides to give up his secret identity but gets pulled back into the fight to save his two daughters (one who’s dragged into a local gang and one who’s after justice by any means).


The Gifted (Fox)

Another superhero-type show, this time running through Marvel. The Gifted follows a family that discovers the two children possess mutant powers and the government tries to take them away from their two (normal) parents. The family is forced to go on the run and finds a underground network of mutants to team up with. This show includes Angel alum Amy Acker, who’s done pretty great things in the Scifi TV world.


Deception (ABC)

Centered around a superstar magician whos career has been ruined by an awful scandal, Cameron Black finds a new way to use his powers of, you guessed it, deception to help out the FBI. He helps the government solve unusual crimes and trap criminals using his strange powers. Sounds like an interesting spin on your average cop-show to me.


Life Sentence (The CW)

A show with a bit more hype surrounding it, Life Sentence follows a girl (played by Lucy Hale) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer until she finds out that she’s actually not dying. She has to learn how to deal with all the choices she made while believing she could “live like she was dying.”


Ghosted (Fox)

A comedic show based on two very different people, a believe and a skeptic who come together to work some very unexplainable occurrences happening in Los Angeles. They end up uncovering a huge mystery that can change life on earth as they knew it. (Pretty sure this involves aliens at some point, so that sounds cool). Also includes Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, who are known to be quite funny actors so that’s something to look forward to.

If you’d like a complete (and extremely long) list of all shows starting this fall check out TVGuide. There are shows for everyone, no matter what type of genre you’re into. Hopefully you’ll find at least one to binge watch and get your mind off of school for a little while.

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