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Nasty Gal: Anti-Prom/Pro-Fashion

As department stores begin to flood with teens and tweens, prom dresses are flying off the racks. Routinely embellished with ruffles and jewels, these age-old staples can become a bit mundane. While the lengths and styles of prom dresses have been a bit more interesting and on-trend in recent years, nothing I’ve seen compares to Nasty Gal’s new Anti-Prom Collection. A rep from Nasty Gal says that they were aiming towards “an alternative to those expected long princess gowns and tiaras with a rebellious assortment of everything a gal needs to celebrate the big night in her own way.”

If we’re being honest, I don’t find many of the items in the full collection to bethat outrageous. In fact, there are a few pieces that I’m eyeing for my own closet. However you may feel about it personally, there is no denying that it’s great to see such a progression for a classically stiff category of clothing. I hope girls take advantage of this opportunity to express themselves; I know I would have!

The dusty pink hue of this ruffled rose piece is perfectly contrasted with flirty side cutouts. Keeping it simple with neutral-toned accessories maintains the dress’ sweet vibe.


The pastel balloon print on this plunging party dress may not say “prom”, but it definitely yells “fun”. While it may be better suited for braless babes, with a little tape this dress can be kept (almost) school-appropriate.


This sparkling, tribal standout will be the envy of every fashionista, whether at prom or a party. My favorite piece of the collection boasts lust-worthy color, print, and shape. I just may have to buy this baby…

This simple stunner is a modern take on classic, vintage lace. The keyhole cutout is beautifully balanced by long sleeves and neutral coloring.


One of the more daring pieces in the collection, this structured Gaga-inspired dress is completed by a geometric, mesh overlay. While a bit reminiscent of Lizzie McGuire’s igloo dress, this may be the right fit for your wild child at heart.

This was the only piece in the collection that I was truly skeptical of. While I understand that feline-inspired headbands have (somehow) been on trend lately, I don’t see where this fits into prom. But, if this has you saying “wow”, as well as “meow”, you go for it, girl!

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