My Updated Skincare Routine

About a year and a half ago, I wrote an article where I shared my struggles with acne, as well as provided tips for dealing with it and some of my favorite skincare products that helped me take care of my skin. I was so happy to have received so much positive feedback on that piece and felt a lot better knowing I wasn’t alone in that journey, and that I was able to help some of you with yours. I still take very good care of my skin and want to shout out the great products from the old routine, but have also since replaced a few products since the original article and I would love to share them with you all!


Cleanser: Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser

Previously, I used the Rodan + Fields cleanser that was part of their Unblemish line, and it did its job incredibly well. Since my acne has gone away, I didn’t think it was necessary to continue using this product and decided to find a cleanser that would continue to clean my dry, sensitive skin well. I decided to try the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream cleanser per the recommendation of my sister. Let me tell you, the name does not lie! This is truly the softest, gentlest, most hydrating product I have ever cleansed my skin with. It can also be used as a makeup remover, which is a bonus! I haven’t tried it that way, but it feels good knowing after I wash my face at night, any leftover makeup my remover wipe missed will be gone. This product retails for $30 which compared to many other high-end skincare brands, is quite affordable! Plus, a pea-sized amount will go a long way. I purchased my first bottle at Sephora in November and didn’t need to replace it until the end of March!


Exfoliator: The Body Shop Drops of Youth - Youth Liquid Peel

In my previous skincare routine, I never used an exfoliator because I thought my skin was too sensitive to do so. However, it is so important to get rid of any dead skin lingering on your face! I started using this exfoliator from The Body Shop, per the recommendation of my friend Sylvan. With this product, after cleansing, you pump a pea-size amount onto your fingertips and rub it in, and you can literally feel the dead skin peel off as you massage it in your skin. I know… super gross, but you know it’s definitely working well! Your skin needs a good rinse after, so I prefer to use this product in the shower. It retails for $25, but I only use it twice a week, so it lasts a long time! 


Toner: Thayer’s Witch Hazel in Lavender Scent 

A year and a half later, and I’m still using Thayer’s Witch Hazel (in lavender of course!) as my toner. I originally had started using this product because I read it was good for treating acne, and it definitely was, but I decided to keep using this product because even post-acne it made my skin feel refreshed and bright! This product is marketed towards oily skin, and I’m not sure if it’s because I use it in combination with other products, but even with dry skin, I don’t find that it contributes to any dryness. I also love this toner because it’s only $11.00 for a 12oz bottle and it lasts you so long since a few drops on a cotton pad is more than enough! I get mine at Target, but I know you can also find it at Ulta and on Amazon!


Moisturizer: Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturizer 

When purchasing new skincare, I didn’t plan to use the moisturizer that matched the cleanser, but they were selling the two in a discounted holiday bundle as part of a Black Friday deal, so I figured since I was saving a few dollars, this was a good time to try it out. I’m so glad I did this because like the cleanser, the name of this moisturizer is not a lie! Truly nothing, not even the Dermalogica moisturizer I was using prior, has ever made my skin feel so soft and hydrated and ALL DAY long. It really is like a glass of water for your face. The only downside is that this product retails for $52, however, I am someone who doesn’t mind investing in good skincare if it works really well. Similar to the cleanser, the tiniest amount of this product is enough to make your skin feel moisturized all day, and the jar I bought in November also did not need to be replaced until late March. If you want to try it out, but don’t want to commit to the price tag, they sell a smaller jar for $22.00!


Eye Cream: Elf Illuminating Eye Cream 

This is the same eye cream that I used in my old skincare routine, and truly the only reason I still use it is because it’s really affordable, (retails for $10!) and for me personally, eye cream isn’t a product I feel is incredibly necessary and want to invest in. I could spend more money on a product that will minimize the circles under my eyes, however, part of me feels like those will never actually disappear no matter how much sleep I get! So, I mainly use this eye cream to hydrate my under eye and eyelid area and prevent it from getting dry after wearing concealer or eyeshadow. For that purpose, this eye cream does a great job! You can get this product at Target or


Additional Products I’ve Stopped Using:

Clarisonic - I used to cleanse my face with the Clarisonic Mia 2 brush when I had acne, and it did an incredible job of helping my skin get a deep cleanse! However, post-acne I feel as though it was too much on my sensitive skin, even if I had the sensitive skin brush on. I would clean my brush head once a week, but it got tough to keep up with the recommended brush head replacements (which are nearly $30). Since the brush itself was expensive, I did pass it down to someone who could get more use out of it! I still think a device gets a deeper cleanse on your skin than your hands, so I’m looking into more brush/device options for sensitive skin.


Rodan + Fields Dual Intensive Acne Treatment - This serum was a product I used twice a day, then once a day, then once a week, and now, only as needed. This was truly the main product that contributed to getting rid of my acne and making sure it didn’t come back. However, it has such a high price tag (which I understand, since it’s truly a miracle product) but my skin has been doing well, so I will not continue to invest in this product after I finish the bottle I still have. Since I don’t want to waste the product I have left, I use it on an as-needed basis if I can feel a blemish coming. I’m currently looking for a new serum and am open to recommendations!


To sum everything up, this is my current routine!



  • Cleanser

  • Toner

  • Moisturizer

  • Eye Cream

  • Facial Spray



  • Cleanser

  • Moisturizer

  • Facial Spray


Exfoliate in the shower twice a week and use the leftover serum on an as-needed basis! 

To end with some positivity, a friendly reminder that you are all beautiful and lovely! <3