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Every kid who grew up watching Disney feature films and Disney Channel finally had one of their biggest wishes come true; a streaming platform that allows you to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies from your childhood. 

Disney + has not only Disney Channel original movies (or DCOM’s as we like to call them) and television shows, but also any movies and shorts that have been created by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and more! There’s even a handful of Disney + originals to watch.

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As if that isn’t magical enough, it gets even better. Disney + only costs $6.99 a month! You might be thinking, what’s the catch? The truth is there isn’t one. It’s nice that we can have access to so many of our favorite childhood shows and movies for such an affordable price.

You can also have up to 7 profiles and stream up to 4 devices at once, so it’s easy to share with others, which makes it even more affordable. If you’re looking to invest a little more, for $12.99 a month you can get Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN+.

I’ve been loving Disney+, especially since the end of the semester is one of the busiest times of the year, it’s been a nice way to take my mind off my busy schedule and relax. Here are some of my favorite things:


1.) The 90’s classics

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I have always loved romantic comedies from the ’90s. I was born at the very end of the decade around the same time these films came out, so I didn’t watch them until much later, and I have grown to appreciate and adore them. Disney + has a few classics such as ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, and ‘Never Been Kissed’ starring Drew Barrymore, so I’ve been living vicariously through a decade I wish I grew up in (don’t get me wrong though, I loved growing up in the 2000s because it gave us what’s coming next). 


2.) Early 2000s TV Shows 

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While I loved shows that came later to Disney such as ‘Shake It Up’ and ‘Good Luck Charlie’, nothing beats the iconic TV shows from the early to mid-2000s such as ‘Hannah Montana,’ ‘That’s So Raven,’ and ‘The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.’ I watched these every day coming home from school and it was the best part of my day. I had always wished I could watch them again, but Disney had stopped airing them years ago. With Disney +, you can watch these any day, any time, and it’s pretty suite.. (get it).


3. DCOM’s

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While there have been various Disney Channel Original Movies on other streaming platforms such as Netflix, they’ve never stayed permanently or there were only well-known films such as ‘High School Musical’ or ‘The Cheetah Girls.’  With Disney +, you can watch every DCOM ever made, even the ones from the 90s and early 2000s that you probably forgot existed. I don’t know how I forgot about ‘Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century’ but did I binge-watch all three movies in one weekend? You bet.


4. Movie options are endless


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Disney + has been adding new movies and shows frequently, making the options of things to watch nearly endless. There are so many classic films that I haven’t been able to watch in years since I only have them on VHS tape. Cinderella was my favorite princess growing up (let’s be real she still is) so I love being able to watch this movie on Disney + and not have to try to see if my VCR still has the power to even turn on. 

If you’re a Disney fanatic, feeling nostalgic and wanting to relive your childhood, or just enjoy Disney shows and movies, then you need Disney +, you won’t regret it! 

Julia Demopoulos is a senior at Suffolk University majoring in print/web journalism and minoring in public relations. She is originally from Dracut, MA but currently resides in East Boston. In addition to being a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Suffolk, Julia is also the Vice President for Program Council, Suffolk's programming board on campus. She is also an active member of Suffolk's Journey Leadership Program. Julia works in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as a Trustee Ambassador (tour guide), and was an Orientation leader for Summer 2019.
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