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The Must-Have #SWAG this Presidential Election

The race to The White House is finally in full swing. With both sides of the isle fighting for primary votes, the presidential hopefuls have set their sights on the millennial vote. The struggle to get our generation voting has led to some of the most interesting campaign shops to-date. Seriously--Jeb Bush sold a guacamole bowl; I can't make this stuff up. Now, I present the must-have swag for both parties--you're welcome.

PS: If you have/plan on buying some of this merchandise tag your photos with #HCSuffolkSWAG2016 so we can see your presidential looks!



Hillary Clinton

YAAAS, Hillary! ($30)

If you're #READY for Hillary Rodham Clinton, this shirt is a no brainer. The shirt has it all; young Hillary, the ever popular "YAAAS," and of course the bright yellow color. I've seen people wear this shirt in person, and I promise it doesn't disappoint. 


Bernie Sanders

Feel The Bern Mug  ($15)

If you're Feeling the Bern this election cycle, I need you to buy this mug. I actually chuckled out loud in our school library when I saw this. Not only can you seemingly fit a large cup of coffee in this mug, but it also lets everyone know you're all for the Vermont native


Martin O'Malley

Apostrophe -- White Tee  ($30)

My new favorite dad, former Maryland Governor O'Malley, has a pretty slim selection in his online store. This T-shirt is a great option for all you O'Malley fans out there. Complete with his slogan, "Rebuild the American Dream," this tee is a great buy. 



Jeb Bush 

Vintage Tank ($20)

This is some of the best merchandise I've seen during the election. Talk about a #TBT. If you're a Jeb supporter and don't own this tank, I'm disappointed in you. 


Dr. Ben Carson

Scrub Top ($35)

This is for those of you that support the notion, "Run Ben Run!" (Carson's motto and something I saw on a bumper sticker everyday in Manchester, NH this summer). In case some of you don't know, Carson is a Neurosurgeon, not a politician. I'm having some serious regrets about not letting everyone know about this before Halloween. 


Donald Trump

Make America Great Again Cap ($25), Trump 2016 16oz Cup ($23)

The Donald Trump store was filled with gold; I couldn't pick just one. I was planning on going with the infamous, "Make America Great Again," hat that I've seen numerous times. However, once I saw the 4 pack of red solo cups with the Trump logo, I couldn't pass that opportunity up. The store is filled with merchandise, so if you're planning to "Make America Great Again," in 2016--give the store a peek.


Rand Paul

The NSA Knows T-Shirt ($25)

Rand Paul's store was another good one. The Libertarian candidate, had a plethora of NSA themed merchandise. He sells an NSA blocker to put on top of your computer's camera. This t-shirt made me giggle, and I assume it's a hit with the Paul supporters!  

Journalism student in Boston / Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Suffolk. I'm into politics, pop music, and parks. I tweet about TV and lipstick. @nikkimfell
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