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MS MR Concert Review

MS MR, the chillwave pop duo from Brooklyn, came back to Boston this past week. Their performance at Paradise Rock Club was absolutely phenomenal. Lizzy Plapinger, vocalist, and Max Hershenow, musician, wowed everyone at the sold out show.

If you don’t know much about MS MR, you may have heard their song “Hurricane” that has become very popular this year. It was first released on their EP “Candy Bar Creep Show” in 2012, and then featured on their first album, “Secondhand Rapture” in 2013. The song, along with a lot of their others, has a vintage sound that is really interesting and unique to them. They are a new kind of pop, and have said in interviews that they want their music to push the boundaries of the pop genre.

The show opened with “Bones,” one of their darker sounding songs, and continued with other tracks from “Secondhand Rapture.” They added in a cover of “Do I Wanna Know” by Arctic Monkeys, which was fantastic. Another cover they included on their setlist was LCD Soundsystem’s “Dance Yrself Clean.” Lizzy talked about how one of her favorite memories in her performing career thus far was playing that song at the Spring 2013 Boston Calling Music Festival. Another interesting note they mentioned was how their song, “Ash Tree Lane” was written in Massachusetts while the duo visited Lizzy’s parents on Martha’s Vineyard.

Personally, not only do I love MS MR’s music, but I also think they are great performers. After seeing them this past week and in September at Brighton Music Hall, I can honestly say they have grown together and become even more talented. Both Lizzy and Max are so humble and still seem to be shocked every time the crowd knows the lyrics to their tracks or cheers. If you have not yet listened to or seen MS MR, definitely check them out. I promise, you will be impressed. 

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