More Dunkin, Less Donuts: Everything You Need to Know About Dunkin's Name Change

Your relationship with Dunkin Donut's just got a little less formal and a little more casual as you are officially on a first name basis. Earlier this week, Dunkin Donut's announced that there will no longer be “Donut's” attached to their name.

The first Dunkin Donut's opened up in Quincy in 1950 by a man named William Rosenberg. It initially dates back to 1948 when Rosenberg opened up a coffee shop called Open Kettle, but two years later it became the well-known and loved coffee shop we all know as Dunkin Donut's. The name has stayed in place for almost 70 years, and even though it’s about to lose its second half, Dunkin indicated in the post above that nothing, (besides the name of course) will be changing.

One of the biggest questions is will there still be donuts available? And the answer is yes, there will still be donuts of course! And a few new improvements such as a cold brew tap. It seems as if the name change is part of a rebranding process, but as long as the coffee tastes the same, I am okay with it.

Though the name change won’t be completely effective until January 2019, many Dunkin Donut's chains have already dropped the Donut from their name. This change has made some loyal fans angry, and other are simply unbothered. To me, the name change comes on no surprise!


After all… “America runs on DUNKIN”


How do you feel about the name change?