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Mid Semester Slump as Told by Gilmore Girls

You’ve made it past midterms, but Thanksgiving break seems like it’s never going to arrive. It’s officially here: the mid semester slump. With the holidays close, but not THAT close, it seems as though your To-Do list is getting longer, the days are getting shorter (goodbye Sun at 4:00pm) and you will never, ever, EVER not be stressed. As we impatiently await the Gilmore Girls reunion via our lifeline, Netflix, allow the Gilmore clan and friends to help describe exactly how you are feeling:

1.) All you can envision is Thanksgiving Break, a week of nothing but straight up gluttony and sloth.


2.) You can’t even decipher how much caffeine it actually takes you to make you feel even partially human.


3.) Even going out on the weekends is starting to feel like a chore. Putting on makeup? Pass.


4.) You cannot, by any means, deal with other human life in 90% of all public places.


5.) You’re exhausted….but  then you remember your actual final exams are quickly approaching.

Here’s to the last lap of the semester, and just trying to make it out alive!

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