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Let’s Get Spooky: Boston’s Guide To Halloween

So it’s mid-October and “spooky” has become my new go-to adverb.  Considering the past month has felt more like summer, the recent drop in temperature is practically screaming “FALL!!!” and Halloween is only 2 weekends away. How can you not be in the mood for some festivities? Boston is the best place to be this time of the year. We have a line up of tours, parties, and destinations. Happy haunting…

Ghosts and Gravestones Tour



The tours happen nightly, there is no excuse. How could you resist a part-walking, part-trolley tour of the darker sides of Boston? Hear tales of Boston’s gory past as you walk through some of the city’s oldest cemeteries. Mystery, murders, and ghosts galore!!

Black Pearl Halloween Cruise

Four decks, three DJs, and the monster mash. Need I say more? Get dressed up and enjoy a night on the water overlooking Boston’s Skyline.


Cirque of the Dead

Imagine a circus with a zombie tightrope walker and a mummy aerialist. If it sounds as amazing to you as it does to me, then you need to get yourself to Cirque of the Dead.


Halloween on the Harbor


Don’t let anyone stop you from trick or treating this year. South Boston has a 21+ party crawl on the 29th of October. And it gets even better, the tickets are donations to a local non-profit, and you get to shuttle around on the Boston Duck Boats. Dress up and get ready to trick!


*Insert ghost emoji here*

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