Last Minute Halloween Costumes for College Students

Halloween. The one time of year when college students get to forget the reality of our busy schedules for a few weekends and be whoever (or whatever) we want to be. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time or energy at this point in the semester to successfully pull off unique costumes that aren’t a black cat or a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Here are a few last minute costume ideas that will not only make you and your friends stand out at your next Halloween party, but don’t require much effort to create at all!  


  1. A Cute Cactus


Pull your best green sweater from the back of your closet and stick a few straw pieces onto it that you stole from the dining hall and you have an instant cactus costume!


2. This Biker Clown Costume


Sometimes all you need is some great makeup skills, an eyeliner pencil, and a bandana, for a creative, last minute costume. Makeup is probably the best way to turn an all black outfit into a passable scary, but fashionably edgy look.


3. Fake News

Support your local journalists and make a political statement? Possibly the best costume idea ever.


4. Oh Deer and Holy Cow!

The perfect costume for an English major.


5. An Instagram Fitness Ad

The laziest costume ever, but at least you’ll look like you workout! (Don’t forget to add some FitTea and sunglasses to perfect the costume).


6. A Bachelor Contestant

Another innovative costume idea that can be produced simply from the clothes in your closet and a trip to your nearest CVS. We all have that one formal dress in our closet that we only wore once and never again, which would be the best option for a costume like this.


7. A Glamcrow

Once again, makeup does wonders for those last minute Halloween events. This scarecrow costume might be the most generic of these costumes, but some heavy eye makeup, orange blush and a cute flannel will put your own individual glam into this!