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Kim Petras Released a New Song and it’s Everything

For anyone looking for new music to listen to, look no further because Kim Petras just released a brand new single and it’s amazing! “Broken”, is the perfect pop song to listen to if you’re going through a tough breakup or just need a slow, pop song to play while you study for finals.

(image from PM Studio)

“Broken” tells a story of a breakup that Kim went through that left her heartbroken since the her ex left her for someone else. But as the song goes on, we find out that the girl who Kim’s ex left her for has dumped him, changing the whole narrative of the song. After finding out this new information, the song shifts from heartbreak to pettiness and vindication that Kim’s ex is getting a taste of his own medicine. Kim sings throughout the song about how she’s grown from this heartbreak and has created a better life for herself and hopes that this guy sees that leaving someone you love with little to no reason is hurtful and will only result in heartbreak.

(image from: Kim Petras)

This song is extremely empowering to anyone going through a situation like this or even if you aren’t going through this specific expereience at the moment. Kim Petras is telling her fans and anyone who listens to this song that people who treat you wrong or leave you feeling abandoned don’t control your life. Just because you went through one bad breakup, doesn’t mean you spend the rest of your life romanticizing that relationship and wondering about the “what-if’s” of it. Sometimes going through a breakup like this can help you realize how the unknown negativity of a relationship is holding you back and you need to let go of that relationship in order for you to thrive on your own.

(image from: PM Studio)

Whether you like pop music or not, this song is 100% worth the listen and you might even find a brand new artist you’ll love! “Broken” by Kim Petras is now available on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify!

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