The Jonas Brothers Released Another New Song And It's Incredible

The Jonas Brothers have officially reunited and it is truly magical. A few weeks back they released their first single in YEARS, "Sucker", and fans went crazy over it. To follow up, a little over a week ago, they released another amazing single, "COOL", and it has not failed to impress.

With a similar vibe to Sucker, the trio of brothers have a chill feel, which is a much different vibe than the pop/rock music they produced as teenagers. However, it is just as iconic and catchy, and you won’t be able to get the songs out of their heads. “COOL” has been described by some as a song with “an 80’s hit” feel, and people are truly loving it.


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The song references many celebrities and aspects of pop culture. One of the biggest ones is Game of Thrones, as Joe sings, “Oh I feel like Post Malone when I get home / Sitting there winning like its Game of Thrones / And now that we’ve made it how complicated was last year." It can be questionable that they rhymed Post Malone with Game of Thrones, but to me, it feels more like Joe is giving his fiance Sophie Turner a shoutout. In this same phrase, Nick’s album (“Last Year Was Complicated”) is referenced. Other celebrities mentioned in the song are James Dean and Jane Fonda.

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In the music video, the three wear bright colors in suits and similar to "Sucker," some of it seems truly unreal. Along with the 80s feel the music gives off, the video makes you feel like your at an 80s beach party. The colors are vibrant and often neon, which makes it truly feel cool. While the lyrics of the chorus are slightly cringe-worthy, the tune is so catchy that you’ll keep singing them anyway.

A highlight of the video is Nick buried in the sand with a drink right beside him. This had me bursting out in laughter, and I loved every second of it. As Nick lays neck-deep in the sand, his brothers dance around him.


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The Jonas Brothers reunion is truly a highlight of this year, and they are back even stronger than before. With the two incredible songs that they have released recently, it is my only hope that they continue to give the world incredible music and fun videos.  

In my opinion, “COOL” will end up being the song of summer 2019, and will be played at beach parties and on the radio in the car with the windows down all across the country.