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Introducing Flashnotes.com

As college students, we’re all struggling to pay for what we need in our daily lives. Whether its food, rent, textbooks, or even just some spending money, I think I speak for us all when I say we could always use a little extra cash. And with midterms behind us and finals approaching quicker than ever, it can be overwhelming to get all of your work and studying done, while worrying about your monetary issues.

LUCKILY, there’s a new website out there to help you make more money and improve your grades. We are excited to introduce Flashnotes to the Suffolk community. 

Flashnotes.com is a Boston based website that was founded by a recent college graduate, Michael Matousek. It is a student-to-student based site, created to give us a central location for all of our study material needs. The website allows students to buy and sell course-specific study material, such as, class notes, study guides, or flashcards. 

If you excel in note taking and feel others could benefit from your material, you can easily sell it to students who need assistance through flashnotes.com and make some necessary extra cash! On the other hand, if you are struggling with a certain topic or class, check Flashnotes to see if anyone is selling notes that could help you to boost your grades!

On this site, students can pick the price they want their notes to be sold for. On average, notes are sold for about $8. Right now, the top seller on flashnotes.com has made nearly $12,000. 

So whether you are looking for some extra help in class or looking to help other students while making some extra money, flashnotes.com is definitely something you need to check out!  

Chelsea Graham Broadcast Journalism Major Campus Celebrity Reporter
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